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Hal Smith, The New Orleans Night Owls

Jeanette's enthusiasm for teaching is contagious and her sense of humor puts everyone at ease.  I have never seen that many dancers having such a great time in a class!

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Take Your Fundraiser to a New Level

Galas are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations. But how do you outperform last year's event?

A historically-themed ball can quadruple attendance at annual fundraisers. People love playing dressup, and when there's more to it than the usual tuxedo and a floor-length gown, an event takes on the excitement of Halloween. Having a night of easy but fun dances to do AT the event creates magic with long-reaching repercussions. It creates better articles and photo ops for your media and social media outlets.


Even more potent, it creates word-of-mouth advertising that goes viral when every attendee posts their personal photos and videos on their social media sites. You don't have to *ask* them to post videos and tag you. They will be doing it organically!

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Dance like 

George Washington

Why isn't your history museum teaching dance history?

Dancing is an important part of American history. Our Founding Fathers - and Mothers - danced. Civil War soldiers and soldiers on the western frontier danced. So did miners in Colorado and lumberjacks in Minnesota and the Pacific Northwest. It's time history museums showed visitors the dances they were doing!

Historical Dancing for All Ages and All Eras

Professional Development

Teaching your staff how to teach visitors to dance

Fundraising Events

Educational Materials

Need a gala for a significant anniversary? Throw a ball! I will keep your visitors happy and dancing all night.

Textbooks and how-to videos coming soon

Are you ready for the 250th Anniversary of American Independence?  Start planning now. 

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Ready for some interactive programming?

Email:  /  Tel: 937-974-8730   

See you on the dance floor!

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