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History is My Playground

My YouTube Channel, "History is My Playground," showcases all the various aspects of my life: balls where I have been calling the dance, dance classes, making costumes for dances or other events, and just fun historical tidbits like visiting history museums!

Highlights from the Victorian Christmas Ball

Peek into a past ball and check out what your next ball might look like! Check out the latest dance here.

Quadrille - captured still.png

Costume Hacks

My costume playlist contains videos on how to turn thrift store finds into vintage costumes, witness how easy it is to make bloomers, or a Regency dress. Check out the latest project here.


Dance lessons

There are dance crazes that lasted a year, and dances that were popular for 100 years. Every single one of them is a story to be shared. I like to start with the Virginia Reel; it might be the most enduring set dance, ever!

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